Mark and Meredith have been professional renovators since 2011. In that time, they have brought, renovated, staged and sold over 70 houses.

Signature staging started because Real Estate agents liked the ease and speed by which there houses sold and asked them to transform empty properties into livable dream homes by staging them with furniture and accessories that maximize space and allow potential buyers to envision themselves in the property.

Staging your property allows you to create a stand out listing for buyers who are spending countless hours scrolling through properties online. The level of interest in your property hinges on your listings ability to create a connection with the buyer, empty rooms and spaces do nothing to evoke an emotional connection. Staging a property gives you the opportunity to showcase the space and ignite an interest in the property.

Signature staging work with your real estate agent to ascertain what is best for your property, your area and your potential buyers pool. A small investment in staging your property can increases your chances of a successful sale in a timely manner.